Many of us dream to improve ourselves; we dream to set goals and achieve them. Of course, finding out how to accomplish (and actually accomplishing) the goals can be very challenging — it is one of the main obstacles in reaching your goal. Yet we should not forget that setting good goals, setting good new year’s resolutions or setting whatever it may be can be almost equally difficult. That’s why in this post, I’ll talk about some little techniques you can use to come up with perfect goal or perfect new year resolution ideas, as well as some real-life examples, whether it be examples of life goals or examples of smaller, short term goals. Let’s begin!

Types of Goal, New Year Resolution Ideas

Now to come up with a good new year’s resolution, it might be helpful if we categorize all the goal and new year resolution ideas we can possibly have first. By doing this, instead of having to come up with a perfect and good new year’s resolution from scratch, we can be more inspired by creating new year resolution ideas that fit into certain categories. Here are the main types of examples of life goals (or new year resolutions) that I think are going to be quite helpful.

1. “Inner” Goals

Starting off, we have what we call “inner” goals. These are examples of life goals or new year resolution ideas that aim to improve only ourselves and don’t have any impacts on the outside world. So for example, if you aim to become fluent at a foreign language, you yourself are changed and improved; you can speak fluently in the new language you choose. However, the outside world barely changes. If we look at the world as a whole, your goal only makes one person — you — speak fluently; the rest of the world is still the same. So now I hope you understand what this type of goal or new year resolution ideas are.

I’m going to now help you understand further by giving some examples of life goals or good new year’s resolutions that fit into this category. This is rather simple. Just imagine yourself and think about ways you can make yourself become better than what you already are right now. This can be anything from physical, to mental, to intellectual. For physical, some good new year’s resolutions may be to become fitter or to lose some weight. Some examples of life goals may be to become an extremely fit or healthy person. For mental, it is a little tricky. Lots of physical skills, including athletic skills, require mental skills as well. For lots of sports, you should know some techniques to be able to play them well. You should also be able to response to various stimuli quickly — which is a mental skill.

Of course these aren’t the only goal or new year resolution ideas that deal with your mental skills. There are plenty of other mental skills to choose from. Things like playing musical instruments or coding, programming and photoshopping.

Moving on to intellectual skills. What I mean by intellectual skills are skills like critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Alternatively, learning new things can be classified as intellectual skills as well. So another good new year’s resolution you can set in this category can be to learn and read books about a new subject.

So by now, you’ve probably got a clear idea about examples of life goals or new year resolution ideas that go in the “inner” goal category. Let’s now move on to the next one.

2. “Outer” Goals

For the “inner” goals, as I explained above, the work you put in results in a change and improvement in yourself. For the “outer” goals (or new year resolution ideas), on the other hand, the change is focused on the outside world. So these are goals that, when achieved, will bring big or small changes to the outside world. If we go back to the view of the world as a whole, when examples of life goals or new year resolutions in this category are achieved, the world — excluding you — changes a little.

For instance, a good new year’s resolution of this type may be to start a business. This way, the outside world changes a slight bit. As a whole, these new year resolution ideas would cause new products or services to be sold and available to the public. Let me now give some more examples of life goals. Say your life goal is to give better lives to people living in the poverty. For this goal, it is obvious what changes to the world this goal makes. The people living in poverty would have a better lifestyle; their day-to-day activities would change.

Alright, now that you know what an “outer” goal is, you may wonder whether these goals or new year resolution ideas should be something big. Should they have big impacts on the world? The short, clear answer is no. A good new year’s resolution or goal of this type doesn’t have to have big impacts. No matter how small the impacts are, as long as the impacts exist, your new year resolution ideas should be considered goals.

Further, these examples of life goals don’t have to have impact on certain specific people or things. They can have impacts on anything or anyone at any places. An excellent way of think of this (and also to inspire you to come up with fresh new year resolution ideas) is to think of the world as a round sphere with many different locations on it. Your goal can have impacts on any of the places on this sphere or on any group of people living all around it.

Additional Ideas: Goals, New Year Resolution Ideas with Trackable Progress

Ok. I hope you’re now inspired enough to be able to set a good new year’s resolution or a good goal. But we’re not finished just yet! I’ll further introduce you to a new type of goal or new year resolution ideas. Unlike the two mentioned earlier, a goal of this type can also be an “inner” or an “outer” goal.

So what is this type of goals about? Well, before we begin, to avoid any confusion, let call this type of goals “progress” goals. These are goals that provide continuous results overtime. Different from other goals, “progress” goals or new year resolution ideas don’t only give you results and excitement only once you’ve fully achieved them. Rather, a goal of this type gives you continuous results that are clear and exciting. This way, you don’t have to wait until all the hard work is finished to get a sense of a thrill from accomplishment.

An example of these goals is when you build a company and watch it grows, or when you sponsor a poor child and watch her thrive. For these two examples, you’ll regularly see progress and results of what you’ve been working toward. You don’t have to wait a long period of time to gain the excitement. You don’t have to wait until your company become as successful as you aim (which can possibly take years), or you don’t have to wait until your sponsored child turns into an adult and have a happy and successful life. Instead, you continuously get results. You get results when your company make more profits, when it grows bigger. You also get results when the child you sponsor thrives and successfully and happily move through different paths of life.

So now you know about different types of goals, and hopefully you’ll be inspired more to set a good goal to work on or a good new year’s resolution. To sum up, there are “inner” goals, “outer” goals and “progress” goals. It should now be easier to set goals, so why don’t you set one to work on now? And leave a comment below what your freshly created goal is!

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